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Buy Generic Aralen Online (Chloroquine)

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Chloroquine was originally designed as an antibacterial medication for malaria. It was recently used to treat patients suffering from the Coronavirus in France and USA and reports suggest it may be a viable treatment option.
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Product Description

Can Chloroquine (Alaren) Help Stop The Coronavirus


States all around the South Africa are shuttering businesses and putting strict limitations on social gatherings. Countries around the world including Italy even acted even stricter measures that amounts to martial law. Cities such as Wuhan in China where the virus originated have been locked down completely with residents being locked in their own homes by the government. The last time a pandemic was this bad was in 1918 when the influenza tires wiped out 50 million people across the globe.

Around how the world’s population became infected with influenza and u.s. soldiers were hit especially hard. More soldiers were killed by the 1918 influenza pandemic then died in battle during World War 1.

So what can be done about this rampant virus spreading across the world?

Thus far, scientists have been unable to produce a vaccine for treatment drug. There has been some promise shown with Chloroquine (Alaren) for treating the Coronavirus.

Chloroquine as coronavirus treatment

Chloroquine (Alaren) has been successful at sporadically treating SARS and now may find a second life as a coronavirus treatment. The results from studies show that Chloroquine as a certain Curative effect with fairly good efficacy.

Patients who were treated with Chloroquine showed a higher percentage rate of testing negative for the Coronavirus. Many people are panicking and with good reason considering that a huge portion of workers are living paycheck-to-paycheck with little to no health insurance. In places such as Washington where restaurants, bars, and other recreation and entertainment facilities have been forced closed by the government, low income Working Class People are going to be hit the hardest by the economic impact of the shutdown. Many people has mortgages and rent due in 2 weeks yet their jobs have closed down for the foreseeable future with no release date and site. There are some unemployment benefit programs available for situations such as these so check with your local government for which programs may be available to you.

Efficacy and Clinical trials

Japan is currently set to begin conducting clinical trials an HIV medication for treating Coronavirus. Countries have yet to make a commitment to testing the efficacy of medications such as Chloroquine (Alaren). So far, Italy has been hit the worst with hospitals becoming overwhelmed with patients and a lack of respiratory machines resulting in priority treatment only. That means those who have a low likelihood of surviving there bout with the illness are left to fend for themselves. The measures taken to shut down businesses and ban large gatherings of people are in large part in efforts to reduce the speed of which the virus spreads so that the hospital systems do not become overwhelmed.

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