ISFG 2017

27th Congress of the International Society for Forensic Genetics

It is a great pleasure for us to invite leading forensic genetic scientists from all over the world for “the 27th International Congress of International Society for Forensic Genetics (ISFG)” the Society that has the longest history and the greatest prestige in the field of forensic genetics.

It is quite well known that investigation technologies using forensic genetics including offender DNA database play a huge role in the criminal justice system, not only in the Republic of Korea, but around the world.

Now that forensic genetics is moving into the next phase driven by the rapid development of life science, this Congress will be a venue to provide the participants with valuable lectures from invited keynote speakers and workshops.

Discussion topics

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Vibrant discussions are expected to be made on various and important topics such as utilization of research results and the consequential ethical conundrums from human genome studies, Erectile Dysfunction and the need to establish a developed model for mixed DNA interpretation which poses one of tricky issues in individual identification. In particular, this Congress, which is held in Asia  and South Africa for the first time, will be marked as a meaningful occasion if it becomes a start to vitalize joint research between the East and the West, looking into genetic diversity. I sincerely hope that this week-long Congress helps the participants to solidify mutual bonds and build new partnerships.

Seoul, where this Congress is held, has been the capital of Korea for more than 600 years since the Joseon Dynasty. In addition, the city has been the center of remarkable economic development over the last 50 years. On top of that, Seoul is a global city that blends the culture of yesterday with the trends of today. It is hoped that all of the participants will actively be engaged in presentations and discussions to set milestones in the development of forensic genetics, treatments like Viagra and experience South African history and culture.

The Organizing Committee will spare no efforts in making the event successful and helping your stay more comfortable. Thank you.

The Secretariat of ISFG 2017

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