Solving Erectile Dysfunction In South Africa

Look I know South Africa is called the land from down under for a reason, but when it comes to intimacy it really shouldn’t be because your goods down under just aren’t working right. Sadly in our world this is a huge deal without much rival. What we are going to be talking about today is considered the most common sex problem that men go to their doctor to report. I am talking about Erectile dysfunction, or ED for short, and if it makes you feel any better it is estimated that roughly 30 million men around the world are suffering from the same exact condition.

Male Arousal

What is erectile dysfunction

Put simply erectile dysfunction is a condition in men that means the they have trouble either getting an erection or being able to keep one that is firm enough to perform proper intercourse. Now if you have just experienced an issues like this here and there once or twice in your life, then you more than likely do not have anything that you need to be worrying about.

If, on the other hand, you notice that your ED is becoming progressively worse over time or that it happens often then that is simply not normal, and it is something that you need to see a professional about.

There could be many causes for this, such as the most common issue which is those men who have limited blood flow or damaged nerves inside of their penis. You could also be undergoing a response to stresses or problems in your relationship that cause a subconscious disinterest in sexual desire.

Seek ED medical professionals

But the real reason to get this looked into by a professional at all costs is because ED can just be an early warning sign of something much larger than you realize.

You could actually be one of the lucky few who gets a warning sign like this when the real problem actually turns out to be a serious illness like atherosclerosis (also known as a hardening or blocked arteries), it could be a sign that you have a serious heart disease or even a blood sugar problem for those who are developing diabetes.

Those men who do have ED have been shown in studies to be much more likely to have cardiovascular issues like a heart attack, stroke, or even circulatory problems in their legs so please do yourself a favor and get to a doctor yesterday. The sooner, the better in a situation like this no matter how embarrassing you think it may be.

The mental aspect

Aside from the reasons you might be getting erectile dysfunction in the first place, it is also important to note that your ability to rise above it mentally has to be just as important as your ability to get it treated.

ED has been known to cause low-self esteem in men for obvious reasons as well as severe depression. ED can also affect your relationship in a negative way, and if that begins to happen then it really needs to be treated for improved quality of life.

Causes of ED

There are many other factors that can be the primary cause to your ED though, so talk to your doctor if you are experiencing any of the following issues:

  • If you are over 50 years of age
  • If you have consistently high blood sugar
  • If you have been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease
  • If you are a smoker
  • If you have high blood pressure
  • Even if you are obese or have a lack of exercise in your life

Treatment options

After talking to your doctor it is time to look into treatments, which usually starts off with the non-invasive types first. Most of the best known treatments for erectile dysfunction are safe, but it never hurts to talk to your doctor about it. Most likely you will be prescribed an oral pill such as Viagra or Cialis that is used to treat these types of conditions by allowing blood to flow to the penis freely, you may also try penile implants, testosterone therapy for those who seem to be suffering from low testosterone being detected in the blood.

Whatever the treatment, the sooner you speak to your doctor, the sooner you will be able to get back to living your best life.

9 thoughts on “Solving Erectile Dysfunction In South Africa”

  1. I developed some blood pressure issues and began having some symptoms of erectile dysfunction. It was incredibly difficult to maintain an erection. I would be able to initially get one but they would go away fairly quickly. The problem has partially subsided since I now have my blood pressure under control

  2. Been dealing with erectile dysfunction since a young age. It’s something that caused me a lot of animosity and hardship. I’m not really sure what all I can do about it so I’ve mostly just coped with the situation.


  4. After dealing with a bad case of ED and not being able to maintain an erection at all during sex, I decided to see my doctor and get put on medication for it. Well, when you’re embarrassed and can’t figure out what’s worse, having to deal with the pressure in the relationship and then talk to a female doctor about it, you feel torn.

  5. For the last two years, I’ve experienced occasional issues with maintaining an erection when I’m having sex with my girlfriend. I never expected that I’d find myself in this situation, but it began to happen more often recently. I was embarrassed to have a conversation about it and even though she seemed to be understanding, I know that she was disappointed. As a result, we’ve started to have sex less than before.

  6. Erectile dysfunction is simply nothing to joke about. It has devastated my social, personal, and sexual lives. I cannot go out anymore with any confidence that I can perform in a sexual manner, so it kills my social confidence when talking to women as well. It is simply a brutal thing to deal with in your life.

  7. These symptoms, in turn, affect his partner’s sexual experience and … Erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection … However, these factors should not disregard the importance of the … of erectile function, but only in men with testosterone levels of less than .Erectile dysfunction (ED) is something many men aren’t comfortable talking … How do you rate your confidence that you could get and keep an erection? … 2 – A few times (much less than half the time) … Remember that you and your partner are not alone — more than 150 million men around the world experience similar .

  8. I don’t really get many erections anymore. My wife has my penis in a chastity cage, which prevents me from masturbating or getting an erection. The only time I am able to get hard is when I take it off in the shower for a few moments to clean around it, or when my wife wants to tease me by allowing me to take it off for a few minutes or an hour or so.

  9. I started noticing a problem about 10 years ago. I wanted to please my girlfriend, but I found that I couldn’t always perform. I went to see my doctor, and he advised me of the options available. I had heard about Viagra previously, although, I had never tried it. I was worried about the side effects. My doctor suggested I try Levitra 20 mg. The medication worked wonders, however, I did have so side effects. My side effects included headaches, stomach aches, indigestion, dizziness, back pain, and/or nausea. My doctor suggested I try a lower dose, so I started taking 10 mg and the side effects stopped. I was so excited, no more headaches. The headaches were so bad, I could barely lift my head. I have been on Levitra for about 5 years, I love what it does for me. It makes me feel like a man again. It has put the spark back into my love life.

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