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What you Need to know about Prostate Cancer: Signs, Treatment, Prevention

The Basics of Prostate Cancer

What exactly is Prostate Cancer? Well, the prostate gland is one of the male’s reproductive organs. It is found deep inside the male pelvis but women do not have a prostate gland.

The purpose of this gland in younger men is that it plays a role in sexual function and reproduction. However as a man gets into his later years of life, 50-60-70 years or more, it really becomes a problem organ. Causing troubles in the same way your tonsils might. Technically a part of you but no longer needed. Like tonsils, if you are lucky they will not cause you any issues. But in some cases like when a man ages, many bad things can happen to his prostate gland.

prostate cancer

One common issue with this gland is that as you get older it can grow much larger causing blockage issues, called Urinary Obstructive Symptoms.

Urinary complications

This causes difficulty with the flow or stream of urine, dribbling, having to wake up several times at night. These are the typical symptoms a man with an enlarged prostate might have. It often takes this man longer to urinate than a young healthy man as the enlarged prostate gland blocks or obstructs the urine passage.

Another more serious issue that can happen with the prostate is that it could become cancerous

The prostate gland can develop cancer cells that can grow and grow, potentially spreading to other organs of the body. As the prostate grows it can harbor lots of prostate cancer cells. Typically with the slow-growing cells, they stay within the prostate and lots of times they never cause a problem at all. It is the most common type of prostate cancer. It is called Indolent Slow Growing Prostate Cancer. It would not be such a serious situation for men if this were the only type of prostate cancer, as men do not experience any symptoms with this type of cancer. If a man is not so lucky, he can get other types of prostate cancer that spread to the lymph nodes and to the bones and cause very painful symptoms in other areas of the body as well. With this type of cancer, it is very important to try to identify it early so that treatment can begin right away before it progresses.

Diagnose early

Early diagnoses can save lives so it is important for men of a certain age to go in for their yearly check-up to avoid a potentially serious and sometimes deadly situation. It is the best way to ensure your health. There are two critical elements to detecting prostate cancer, one being the Digital Rectal Examination, which means a doctor would place his finger inside the anus and into the rectum to feel for the prostate. They are feeling for nodules or lumps indicating that something is wrong.

This is the main reason men avoid their check-ups as many men find this to be invasive and embarrassing

But it is very important to your health and can be a lifesaver. This method is not always guaranteed to detect cancer as the lumps may not be on the same side of the rectum. As a backup measure to finding this type of cancer is a blood test called the Prostate Specific Antigen or the PSA. It is often suggested by a doctor when looking for early signs of prostate cancers. With early diagnoses and early treatment, there can be a great success in saving a man’s life. Ultimately the choice to have this screening is up to the man. No one can force this test upon him. So it is in his best interest to take care of his health and do what is right for his body.

What you need to know

What you may not know about Prostate Cancer is that it is the most common cancer in men in this country, in fact in the developed world. There are anywhere between 200 – 300 thousand new cases being diagnosed in this country alone, every year. Somewhere between 30- 50 thousand men die each year from prostate cancer.

A lot of this death could have been prevented with regular check-ups and early diagnosis. A typical thing for men to do these days in the month of November (or sometimes September) is to grow out their beard to raise awareness for prostate cancer and I personally think it is a great way to start an important conversation about men’s health.

I think we should be talking more about this serious issue, destigmatizing it, so that more men will just see it as a normal part of health and we can save more lives.

Viagra in Cape town

Viagra is the most well known erection delivery medication that can be currently purchased in Australia. It is manufactured by Pfizer which is a very well known pharmacy company. The Viagra product is something that is available in pill form. It comes in different styles of MG and the most common size is about 20MG. A 20 MG pill of Viagra purchased in Australia can be bought for about 1 AUD. A 30 day supply of the Viagra can be bought for about 15 AUD. If you have superior insurance you can expect to spend a little bit less for the Viagra than mentioned above. The reasons that men are told to take Viagra are due to the fact that they are unable to build erections on their own. The reason that men have difficulty building erections on their own can be due to having a lot of stress in their lives. It is actually very common that men who are stressed out will experience problems in building up an erection when they want. Also, some men will have some sort of trauma to their body and this can also be a reason that they will have problems building erections. Age is another reason that men have problems with sexual issues. As men get older they will start having problems with blood flow in their body. These problems with blood flow are the reason that people have problems with erections. The way that the Viagra manages this problem is by helping the body to be less restrictive with blood flow. When the blood is able to travel more easily in the body that allows for erections to build. Some men are very worried that Viagra might be risky or dangerous for them to take. However there are no major problems associated with taking this medication.

Side effects

For some of the most common side effects to happen, you must be taking Viagra on a very normalized basis. Most men only take Viagra a few times per month and because their use is so infrequent they do not notice side effects. Most common side effects associated with taking Viagra are experiencing some difficulty with stomach pain as well as feeling a little bit light-headed. Some of the more serious side effects only happen if you take very large doses for a very long time. For example some people who have taken very high dose Viagra have experienced an erection that lasts for 6 to 10 hours. This is considered a medical emergency and if you experience something like this you must immediately go to a doctor or the emergency room. Also some people have overdosed on Viagra and then suffered coma however because they took at least 20 times the recommended dosage of the medication. When you take the Viagra at the recommended dose at the recommended dose schedule you can be sure that you will not have any problems, however that doesnt mean that the drug is completely safe. Also you need to make sure that you store the Viagra in places that are very secure and safe and away from direct sun. The quality of your Viagra can degrade if it sits out in direct sunlight for long periods of time. Always contact your doctor with any questions or concerns about the medication.

What is used to treat erectile dysfunction?

Viagra is a brand-name drug that is commonly used to treat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED), a medical condition that results in inability to get or keep an erection. The generic name of the main drug in Viagra is sildenafil. The drug works by disrupting the phosphodiesterase-5 enzyme, resulting in the expansion of the blood vessel walls in the penis and increased blood flow as a result. This results in improved erections and sexual performance.

Viagra prices

Some of the most common side effects that patients experience after taking Viagra include rashes, diarrhea and an increased susceptibility to urinary tract infections (UTIs). A less common side effect from taking Viagra is abnormal vision, specifically onset of a condition called cyanopsia. This is characterized by blurred vision, a sensitivity to light, and/or a blue-green tinge to the patient’s vision. Higher doses of Viagra increase the chance of a patient experiencing abnormal vision.

Side effects

Additional possible side effects include headaches, indigestion, back pain, muscle aches, flushed skin and stuffy or runny noses. You should avoid Viagra if you have heart or blood vessel problems, a history of heart attacks or strokes, high or low blood pressure, liver problems, penile deformation or vision problems. When taking Viagra, you should avoid alcohol and grapefruit juice, as these substances have been found to counteract the drug. Viagra should not be taken by anyone who is currently taking nitrates for chest pain, as taking the drug has been shown to increase the effects of these medications and potentially result in an unsafe drop in blood pressure.

As it is one of the most commonly generic medicines in the world, patients taking Viagra should take precautions when purchasing it so as to ensure that they are taking a genuine version of the drug. The medication can be purchased through online auction sites, internet pharmacies and brick and mortar locations. Many of these online locations sell counterfeit Viagra. There are several risks associated with taking counterfeit Viagra. generic tablets can contain too much of not enough Viagra, resulting in ineffectiveness or harm to your health. Some counterfeit Viagra contain toxic ingredients to mimic the true-blue color of Viagra pills. Counterfeit drugs have also been found to contain illegal drugs such as amphetamines, dangerous antibiotics and other harmful drugs.

To ensure that you are not purchasing counterfeit Viagra, you should obtain a prescription from your doctor, and have it filled by a trusted pharmacist in-store. For patients who must rely on having their prescription filled by other means (such as over the internet), there are some precautions that can be taken to ensure that they are receiving genuine Viagra. Viagra tablets should feel smooth to the touch and have a stamped Viagra brand name that is clear and free from smudging. Furthermore, the pills should have a consistent uniform blue color and be free from color variation. Finally, Viagra is supplied only as solid tablets for oral consumption. If you find soft tablets, gel tablets or chewable tablets, these are categorically counterfeit and should be avoided.

Viagra prices in SA

Viagra is available in South Africa at a cost of about .20 for a packet of four pills. This is due, in part, to the fact that the medication is subsidized by the Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. Viagra comes in three different potencies, 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. Your doctor will prescribe the correct potency for you, considering various factors such as your health, age, and degree of sexual dysfunction. Since it is a schedule four drug in South Africa, Viagra is only available to patients with a prescription from a licensed physician.

The little blue pill will improve your sexual life!

The little blue pill helping so many men love lives out there now has a profession counterpart. Viagra Professional. All the benefits of the original with some added gusto. For those us that need a little….uhhmmm… help or are not as young as we used to be, Viagra has been the answer many of us had been searching for. For those that may require a slightly larger boost, Professionals got you covered. It works much in the same way as the original formula. Viagra Professional helps relax your smooth muscles and increase blood circulations where you need it, when you need it. It can work in as little time as thirty minutes and up to four hours. So it is rather convenient for spur of the moment action or a well planned romantic evening.

blue pills in south africa

As always you’re going to want to speak with your doctor or health care professional to make sure this is the right plan of action to put you back into action. There are always some health risks any medication and your healthcare provider will help you go over and understand those as they apply to your individual case. Safe, clean fun is good fun. Speaking of, always make sure to practice safe sex. Not only for your benefit, but your partners benefit as well. Just a thoughtful reminder.

Viagra prescription

As with original Viagra, Viagra professional will be available by prescription only. While having those oh so fun health talks with your doctor or healthcare provider be sure to pick yours up if it suits your health, lifestyle, and needs. It is available through online pharmacies and has several local pharmacy options as well. It is easy enough to obtain if you are willing to do your homework and take the proper steps to achieve your desired goal. It’s available to you at a discount with many insurance plans and providers. Also with many discount cards. I’m sure there are a few rebates and coupons floating around out there too.

There is a lot of fun to be had out there for those of us who are over the hill, past our prime (ha!), or were around when the dinosaurs roamed the earth. Viagra professional is here to help bring us back to the hay days of our youth. When our backs weren’t so still and other things were. Let Viagra professional help put the pep back in you and your lovers step. It certainly has for many already. Viagra is a trusted name in the ED industry and their new products have shown promising results. So if you are in need of a little “get up” and go, speak to your provider today about Viagra Professional.

Please talk to your doctor first!

Lastly, If you have done your homework, you have got your script, and you are raring to go, but still have concerns after you have left the office… Talk to your pharmacist! They are incredibly helpful you know. They will be able to go over any side effects or concerns you have about using Viagra Professional and any interactions you may experience with your current medications, vitamins, or supplements. They also include a handy dandy little informative slip in your pharmacy bag. For your at home ready pleasure. Be sure to read all information provided with any medication or supplement including Viagra Professional. It is for your own good!

So go on and talk with your doc today about Viagra Professional. Get back in the sack and have some of that wild, crazy fun you’ve been yearning for. We’re not dead yet, even if parts of us don’t know it!

Viagra is the best solution to erectile dysfunction.

Viagra is the most talked about solution for erectile dysfunction on the market for the past 15 years. Now, we all know what Viagra is suppose to do for us men.

Buy Viagra online in South africa

However, do we know what is actually does to our bodies when consumed?

Men across South africa have actually discovered some interesting facts about Viagra and what it does for men. Today I am going to describe what one single pill of Viagra will do to your body for several hours.

Now aside from treating the symptoms of erectile issues, Viagra has several other benefits. The first one should be the most obvious if you know how the medication works. Blood circulation in the body is improved greatly. This means if you suffer from blood pressure problems Viagra actually works to stabilize that. Proper blood circulation in the body greatly improves organ function, reduces the change of heart attack and strokes. I think it is also important to note that proper blood circulation improves brain function as well. One 20mg pill of Viagra instantly improves this for several hours out of the day. In some cases, those who have ongoing issues with blood pressure have permanently improved.

Viagra also improves physical performance. A clinical study on Viagra’s official site reveals that men who were given small doses of the medication had about a 150% increase in athletic performance. Ironically enough, there are many sports athletes that confess to taking the medication on a daily basis to improve their performance in the game. From Football, Soccer to Baseball. Athletes from all major sports do openly admit that Viagra is part of their daily regimen, even if they don’t actually suffer from erectile problems.

Another little-known fact about Viagra is that it has been compared to a testosterone shot. Testosterone is in essence what makes a man a man. It regulates our sex drive, bone mass, muscle mass, and red blood cells. It is even responsible for sperm production. Lots of men who take Viagra have claimed that their sex drive has greatly increased. This was originally thought to be a placebo effect, but it turns out that there is a bit of truth behind the testimonials. While Viagra is not directly responsible for the increase in sex drive, it is a welcome side effect.

There you have it guys. While Viagra does indeed help men solve their erectile problems. It also helps in terms of physical health and performance. If you have never taken Viagra and plan to take it, talk to your doctor for the proper prescription. Purchasing Viagra is fairly straightforward but if you can try to grab your prescriptions online instead of locally. If you go to any local pharmacy I can almost guarantee that you will be paying triple the price for Viagra than you would online.

Local stores mark up their prices mainly to cover the cost of supply, demand, and inventory. You can skip these price hikes outright by purchasing your medication online instead. In fact, many online sources will give you your first order for free just for trying them out. There is no reason to delay. If you are thinking about giving Viagra a shot, then visit your doctor as soon as possible and ask them if they think it will benefit you today. You won’t be disappointed.

What is Cialis used for?

Cialis is quickly becoming the preferred erectile dysfunction medication in South Africa according to many reports. This should come as no surprise to any men currently taking it or anyone familiar with the little yellow tablets or it’s competitors. Viagra may be the most popular drug worldwide, but this is most likely only because it was developed and approved in Australia and other countries long before Cialis. Cialis, and it’s main ingredient Tadalafil, is a remarkable improvement on the erectile drugs of yesterday.

Cialis south africa

It lasts much longer than Viagra according to many of those who take it and many people have reported less side effects on it as well. Another great benefit of it is that without sexual arousal, you may not even realize that you’re taking the drug. This is why many people call it the “day before” erectile drug. Because many men have reported taking it the day before they actually need it and still saw the positive effects the next day when engaging in sexual activity.


Cialis has become more widely available in South Africa over the past several years as more doctors are able to prescribe it and it’s become available through online ordering as well. Many online websites have partnered with doctors and pharmacies so that evaluations and prescriptions can now be done by simply filling out a form and having a doctor review it online. So many men who are too embarrassed to visit a clinic in person can now be evaluated without even having to leave their homes.

Recommended Dosage

Cialis tablets come in different dosages from 2.5mg up to 20mg. The most common dosage most people are prescribed are the 5mg tablets, but it really depends on your health, your age, your kidney functioning, and your needs. This is why it’s important to discuss these things with your doctor or to mention them on your evaluation form if ordering online.

How to Take Cialis

Because Cialis normally comes in tablet form, you can take the tablets with water and on an empty stomach. If you eat beforehand, it’s fine as long as you know that it may slightly weaken some of the effects or it may even take longer for the Cialis to start working. This is particularly true for foods that are high in fat or greasy in nature. While it’s recommended to take your dosage about 30 minutes to an hour before you need to perform sexually, the beauty of Cialis is that it often lasts longer than Viagra or other rival medications. So if you take it 5 or 6 hours before you have to perform, it will normally still work for most people, though the effects at that time may not be as strong. Doctors recommend not taking more than your recommended dosage in a single day as this can lead to an overdose which can be dangerous or lead to pronounced side effects.

Side Effects

There’s few medications that don’t have reported side effects and Cialis isn’t different in this respect, although it is known for having less side effects in most people than it’s competitors. Some more commonly-reported side effects of Cialis include headaches, a feeling of warmth or flushing in a person’s face, slight vision changes, having a stuffy nose or nasal congestion, nausea or upset stomach, and diarrhea. Less common and more serious side effects can include pain anywhere in the body such as in the chest, shoulders, arms or legs as well as tingling in any of these areas, abnormal heartbeat, and swelling anywhere in the body including the legs, feet, and hands. Having an erection that lasts anywhere near or over 4 hours can also be a medical emergency and any allergic reactions such as itching, hives, or problems breathing should be diagnosed and treated immediately in an emergency room. Anyone with heart problems should definitely not take Cialis unless your doctor has stated that you can.

Common questions about Cialis?

What is Erectile dysfunction?

Cialis for the treatment of Ed. ED is also known as erectile dysfunction. ED is a condition when the penis does not fill with enough blood to harden or when he cannot keep an erection. A man who has trouble getting or keeping an erection should see his doc for help if the condition bothers him. Cialis helps to increase blood to the penis and may help men with ED get and keep an erection good enough for sexual activity. Once a man has completed sexual activity, blood flow to his penis will decrease, and his erection goes away. Some form of sexual stimulation is needed for an erection to happen with Cialis.

Cialis buy in south africa

What are precautions?

Cialis doesn’t cure erectile dysfunction, or protect you from STDs like HIV. Cialis also does not increase a man’s sex drive, so don’t take Cialis thinking it’s going to make you want to have sex more. Cialis is only for men 18 and older. Do not take Cialis if you are taking any medications with a nitrate, Also don’t take Cialis if you are allergic to Cialis. Allergic reactions include Rash, hives, swelling of the tongue lip sore throat. Please call your doctor right away if you have any of the allergic reaction symptoms. Before taking Cialis Let your doctor know if you’ve had heart problems, Low blood pressure, have had a stroke, kidney or liver problems, if you’ve ever had severe vision loss, stomach ulcers, bleeding problems, or if you’ve had an erection that has lasted more than 4 hours. Do not take Cialis more than one time per day. Take one Cialis tablet before you expect to have sexual activity. you will be able to have sexual activity at 30 minutes after taking Cialis and up to 36 hours after taking it, you and your doctor should consider when deciding if you should take Cialis before sexual activity. some form of sexual stimulation,again, is needed for an erection to happen with Cialis.

What about side effects?

Like any medication there are side effects, these side effects include headache, indigestion, back pain, muscle aches, flushing, and stuffy or runny nose. These side effects usually go away after a few hours. Men who get back pain and muscle aches usually get it 12 to 24 hours after taking Cialis. Back pain and muscle aches usually go away within 2 days. Call your doctor and B side effects do not go away or they are starting to upset you. There are also more serious side effects to watch out for, those include An erection that won’t go away lasting more than 4 hours. it is very important to see a doctor immediately if you have an erection that lasts more than 4 hours because it can do permanent damage to your penis. also watch for vision changes if you start experiencing slight blues or green hues in vision call your doctor right away. There have also been more rare reports of dizziness or ringing in the ears. Again, if you have any of these more Uncommon serious side effects please call your doctor right away.
Store Cialis at room temperature between 59 degrees and 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cialis online: how to order?

You can order Cialis online there are a couple different websites you can go to if you are looking to have Cialis delivered to South Africa. One of them is https://viagrastoresa.com/ You are able to order anywhere between 10 and 360 Cialis tablets you can also pay with major credit cards like Visa or MasterCard.

Approved in South Africa: Viagra Super Active Review

Coming to an outback near you. Viagra super active is a generic wonder drug for gentlemen that no longer can get blood to flow freely to their penis when they become excited and want to please their partner. Its a very frustrating and embarrassing situation for a man when he cant perform. It leads to all kinds of things that are related to this ailment, depression is one of them for the male and female. Not only do males become upset but their partners do as well. So it has a long reaching effect. Obesity is another result of this problem. Men become so depressed and frustrated they eat a lot more than expected. Also this problem destroys your confidence which of course is in issue going into world or at work. You can conquer a lot more things when you your confidence is not in the tank. You get the picture , when a guy is not happy in that department it becomes a real problem. South Africa has made this little blue pill available to the males that want to take advantage of it. This pill of paradise increases blood flow into the penis during sexual stimulation and helps to maintain an erection. However if you take the pill and expect and erection right away you are going to be disappointed.

Buy Viagra Super active

The sexual stimulation has to be included to get you where you need to be. I know this is extremely embarrassing for a man but its best to consult your doctor before you start taking this drug that is a cure to all your problems. If you have a partner that is having a problem in this area but doesn’t want to address it because of the stigma it carries, If you care for them you by all means need to sit down and have a heart to heart conversation and let them know how much they are loved and you would support them in any way you could . You feel that it would be hope for our relationship. No you are not telling them no sex no relationship. You need to convey that this has the potential to take our relationship to a whole different level. One point that I find interesting is A lot of people don’t know or realize that this drug was originally created for cardiovascular problems to help blood flow. The beauty of this Viagra super active is it may help affect other health issues you may have. You may take it for your penile problem but it may fix a cardio problem. So if you have family members or partners that you feel could benefit from this please share with them. It could change their whole life. As with any drug you have to pay attention to side effects. Some people wont have any and some it will create issues that they didn’t have before that’s why it was mentioned above that its best administered by a physician even though its not required. Just be mindful if you take it of any dizziness or vomiting or diarrhea or even you notice your penis becoming weird looking or taking on a different shape maybe deformed is a good word. I hope this article helps many people but I will be satisfied if it helps just one.

However I am convinced that many people will become helped by this wonder drug.

Viagra: What do you really need to know.

Let’s explore the use and availability, among other topics on the popular erectile dysfunction drug, Viagra, in South Africa. It seems that there is a large demand for Viagra beyond what one may perceive and South Africa is no exception. With this high demand for the drug and the fact that the patent for using Sildenafil Citrate as a remedy for ED has expired created an opportunity for many other drug manufacturers to get in on the market. Drug manufacturers in South Africa have joined the ranks and are now producing generic forms of the drug.

Viagra online in South Africa

Viagra south africa

Viagra. What does this mean for Viagra, the manufacturer and their bottom line?

Well, they are going to have to work at it to stay competitive. They must educate the consumer on not just the product itself, but the dangers of counterfeit drugs and sugar pills. Viagra is a well known name and trusted brand for an ED drug and this will work greatly in their favor. The first line of defense would be to use scare tactics to keep the market from going to sketchy and undocumented sources for the generics and the knock offs. When I say “scare tactics” I am not talking smoke, mirrors and putting the fear of God into play. I am speaking of Viagra educating the consumers with real facts and information on what is available and the downside of going away from a proven drug for a cheap generic substitute. The other issue that they can educate the consumers on is the dangers of on-line shopping for ED drugs of any nature. The very first and real possibility is that your transaction is processed and that is the end of it, or so you think. They received your credit card information to process your payment and not only do they have your money, but they can now sell your identity, too. The message that Viagra is trying to get across is that for the desire to perform well for your lover, you could find yourself broke, financially ruined and your partner not being served very well at all. There are some legitimate on-line places to shop for and buy Viagra and generics, but how do you know which ones are legitimate and which ones are scams to fleece you. This author’s suggestion is that you visit your doctor and have a prescription written and subsequently filled at a trusted pharmacy. This removes the threat of generic and dangerous knock offs, identity theft and paying for a product you don’t receive.

Let’s talk about some of the side effects of Viagra.

While they are not generally severe, they can be. It depends on the person and the dosages. Dizziness, head aches, and upset stomach are a few of the minor side effects you can expect and then you can experience other, more severe, side effects, such as, chest pains, loss of hearing and sight. These are not all the side effects that are possible and most people do not experience them to any great degree. This is something that should also be discussed with your doctor to be sure that you are a good candidate for Viagra.

Staying on the topic of side effects, let’s imagine this scenario. A man is experiencing ED and wants to do something about it and is too embarrassed to see his doctor. He goes on-line and searches through the variety of offerings there are. He does some price shopping and finds an attractive product and buys it. A few days later it arrives. What he is unaware of is that the manufacturer has no accreditation in the marketplace and due to poor quality control the dosage is not consistent. He takes the drug that evening planning a wonderful night of love making with his partner. What he does not know is that the pill he took was 50% higher in dosage than it was labeled and he has a heart condition. He dies. This is the message Viagra will need to keep in the consumer’s mind to stay in the game. Be Safe, don’t be Sorry.

Viagra in South Africa: what does it do and what it does not

Viagra use in South Africa should be prescribed by a doctor, whether it is in person or online.The doctor should be licensed and aware of the effects of Viagra. In some cases a customer may wish to buy Viagra online to be discreet and keep their affairs personal even from their local physician. There are some reputable sites, certified and allowed to prescribe Viagra to certain individuals, even in South Africa.

Viagra south africa

What Is Viagra and What Does It Do?

Viagra is a drug that is used for erectile dysfunction, pulmonary and arterial hypertension. Viagra also known as (Sildenafil Citrate/Revatio). Viagra causes the blood flow to be increased in the penis, thereby causing a sustainable erection. The penis must be stimulated first in order for this to happen.

What Are The Side Effects Of Viagra?

  • Headaches
  • Indigestion
  • Impaired vision
  • Nasal congestion
  • Sensitivity to light

In Rare Cases theses side effects can be present:

  • Cyanopsia- everything appears with a tinted blue color
  • Possible damage to the optic nerve
  • Painful long lasting erection
  • Heart attack
  • Hearing loss
  • Arrhythmias
  • Increased pressure in and around the eye socket

Patients with liver or kidney disease should check with their physician before taking this medicine. Anyone with low blood pressure, or who’s had a recent stroke should not use this drug at all. Anyone who has a heart or liver disease should really stay away from this drug, but it is always best to check with your physician to get an expert opinion before trying anything.

How to purchase Viagra safely?

Viagra can be purchased online worldwide including South Africa. By registering with a reputable pharmacy online. It is at the discretion of the pharmacy to sell it to the customer. The price for Viagra in South Africa varies, but the basic price per pill can start at $1.90 (27 Rand in Africa) for 10 pills of 25 mg. to $.36 (5 Rands in Africa) for 360 pills at 25mg. It seems that the higher the volume the cheaper it is per pill.. The Viagra can be discreetly shipped in a plain package with no design and delivered by courier. This type of shipping usually takes 4-5 days approximately.

In conclusion

Viagra in South Africa or any other part of the world is a dangerous drug if not used properly. The side effects are usually stated on the pill bottle with the dosage instructions. If an individual is too embarrassed to ask his primary doctor it is possible to obtain this medicine through an online pharmacy. The online pharmacy does have the right not to sell to any customer they choose.They also have the right to ask for personal information in order to complete their registration process.

The use and effects of this drug are something that should be taken seriously and with caution. If taken recklessly it can lead to severe problems as well as death. The desire for these types of drugs in South Africa has risen over the last ten years and the price will continue to increase along with demand. Any medication use should be taken very seriously and should be discussed with a physician before anything is taken, in order to avoid fatal after effects.