Levitra online in South Africa

Levitra Side Effects That You Should Watch Out For

Erectile dysfunction is one of the few medical conditions that tends to affect many people, especially so the elderly males. To curb this and get back to a relatively healthy sex life, the use of certain medication is warranted. Levitra, just like such drugs like Viagra has passed numerous tests and has proven to be quite effective especially for limited periods of time. However just like any other drug, Levitra comes with certain side effects with use that you should watch out for.

Levitra online in South Africa

Levitra online in South Africa

How to correctly use Levitra

Ideally the correct use of Levitra is to follow prescribed instructions to the later. This also means taking it at least 60 minutes before sexual activity. However in order to understand the dangers that lie with incorrect use, people who suffer from certain ailments should be forthcoming about their conditions to their doctor. This conditions includes having

  • Heart disease or heart rhythm problems
  • A recent history of congestive heart failure
  • Any kind of physical deformity of penis
  • Liver disease
  • Have ever experienced or still have any kind of stomach ulcer
  • Family or any personal history of QT syndrome
  • Suffering from either low or high blood pressure
  • Frequently suffering from seizures
  • Kidney disease or if one is undergoing any dialysis
  • Any kind of bleeding disorder
  • Recent history of vision or hearing loss

Side effects

As expected, the use of such a drug that affects blood flow to certain regions in the body requires prescription from a doctor.However needless to say that many people simply disregard this first important step and buy it over the counter or simply use it for long periods of time. This combined with the use of grapefruit juice or alcohol elicits different reactions in different people that includes;

  • Painful erection that can last up to 4 hours or more in given situations
  • Nausea and any kind of vomiting during sexual intercourse
  • Pain of any sort
  • Numbness of certain parts of the body including Arm, jaw, neck
  • Tingling in chest
  • Vision loss
  • Irregular heart beat that is usually accompanied with various degrees of shortness of breath
  • Seizure regardless if its short or prolonged
  • Flushing of the skin, sweating, high temperatures and the likes
  • Blinding headaches and dizziness that elicits the feeling as if you are about to pass out any time
  • Ringing in your ears


It is good to note that Levitra side effects are especially seen in people who are already under medication associated with blood like thinners or one to deal with high and low blood pressure. As expected if you get to experience the above side effects call your doctor immediately and get assistance to reach the nearest medical facility as it can progress quickly to life and death situation

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