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Priligy is a medicine used for increasing the time of ejaculation and help prevent premature ejaculation in adult men through the ages of 18 through 64. Premature ejaculation can cause a lot of problems in men because it leaves him little sexual pleasure and problems in the relationship. Taking Priligy has shown to help fix that problem.However, they’re several things you must know before taking Priligy. Like with all medications you may take in your daily lives, you must read the side effects and if you have any allergies from anything that is being used in order to make Priligy.

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Side effects
Like with all medications you may take in your daily lives, you must read the side effects and if you have any allergies from anything that is being used in order to make Priligy. To read more about the side effects, make sure to check out Priligy website or email regards to questions about the product.When deciding on how many tablets you would like to purchase, you can do so on there website. They have many options to choose from. Make sure to choose the right option for you, the one you believe to be the most comfortable for your own well being.Understand that when taking the Priligy, you must wait for 1-3 hours before committing to a sexual act. This will ensure that it will work properly. Another thing to note is that this product is used for those who want to have sex at the moment. This product moves rather quickly, and the patient will feel its side effects.The recommended starting dosage is about 30 tablets. This has been looking over by doctors, and they advise anyone to start at 30 in order to ensure that your health is not at stake. Do not take more than one tablet in more than 24 hours. Priligy is only used when you want to have sex at that moment. You must not chew the tablet. Compared to other tablets, this may leave you with a bitter taste your mouth. That is completely normal, just make sure to take it that way. After taking these tablets, make sure to have a follow-up appointment after taking the tablets. This is for the doctor to monitor your health safely and effectively.

Make sure to store Priligy in a cool and dry place where it cannot be reached by children. The most common side effects you may have when taking Priligy is dizziness or fatigue, if this happens to you make sure to drink a glass or water. If they happen to be more side effects, stop taking the medicine immediately in order to ensure your safety. In order to request these tablets, you can consult a doctor or have it order online and ready and mailed to you. It is highly recommended however to check to make sure if this product is safe for you to use. It is advised strongly to do so.This product is safe as it is approved by the FDA, but we advise any potential customers to consider these options. Overall, many men suffer from these problems and nothing is wrong with that. These problems are normally to have, and if you would like to fix with using Priligy, then that would a good idea to consider.

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  1. Priligy is the only thing that solved by premature ejaculation and it was amazing that it worked! I never thought I would be able to have sex longer than 5 minutes but Priligy changed that.

  2. I have always had problems with premature ejaculation. For starters, I find women incredibly attractive, so I am unable to control my urge to ejaculate. Sometimes, I don’t even last a minute before going off. But with Priligy, I’ve found I can last longer and satisfy women much more. Priligy is right for me.

  3. I have always had a problem with premature ejaculation. The best help for this problem has been Priligy. My doctor recommended that I try this drug when nothing else worked for me. I had the problem for so long that I think that it took a miracle drug to help me but this did it for me

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