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What is Viagra and how does it work?

What is Viagra?

Viagra is a prescription medicine used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and impotence in men. Viagra Connect is also used to treat erectile dysfunction and is available without the need of a prescription. They both work by increasing blood flow to the penis in order to help a man get and sustain an erection when he is sexually aroused or stimulated.

Sildenafil citrate

The active ingredient in Viagra is sildenafil (https://www.webmd.com/drugs/2/drug-7418/sildenafil-oral/details) and the dose ranges from 25mg to 100mg per tablet.

How long does Viagra take to work?

The effects of Viagra will vary from person to person. As a general rule, Viagra is thought to start working in most people from around 30 minutes after taking the drug.

It is important to understand that taking Viagra tablets alone will not cause an erection. Viagra must be taken in combination with some form of sexual stimulation (visual, tactile or otherwise) in order for an erection to occur.

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The effectivity of Viagra, or how long Viagra will last for, depends on a number of things.

These can include:

  • Age. Men over 65 years of age will find that the tablet stays in their body for longer because the body’s metabolic system tends to slow down with age. Essentially, this means that Viagra’s effects can last longer the older you are.
  • Diet. Having a large meal with a high fat content just before you take your Viagra pill can delay it from working as your body will be working hard to digesting the food. By taking it on an empty stomach, the effects will work more quickly.
  • Alcohol. Drinking alcohol decreases the blood flow to the penis making it harder to get and keep an erection. A glass of wine or a single beer is usually fine, but more than 2 units of alcohol will increase the risk of negative side effects and will make it much more difficult to maintain an erection.
  • Dosage. Viagra comes in tablets ranging in dose from 25mg to 100mg. As a rule of thumb: the higher the dose, the more effective and long-lasting the effects will be, but your prescribing doctor will decide which dosage is appropriate in your situation.
  • Health. If you have liver or kidney problems, Viagra’s effects could last for longer. This is because the tablet will take longer to be broken down by your body, so you must always tell the doctor if you suffer from any of these.
  • Drug interactions. Certain medicines can alter how long the effects of Viagra will last. This includes medicines such as the antibiotic rifampicin (used to treat tuberculosis). Always discuss your full medical history and any medicines you are currently taking with your prescribing doctor so that they can ensure it is safe for you to take Viagra.

How long does Viagra stay in your system?

If Viagra is broken down normally by the body the effects usually do not last more than four hours.

Always follow the instructions given to you by your prescribing doctor to avoid negative side effects and do not exceed the recommended dosage.

Can Viagra have any long-lasting effects?

In extremely rare cases, often when Viagra has been taken in combination with other medication or illegal drugs, a condition called ‘priapism’ can occur. Priapism is the name for a painful erection lasting for longer than 4 hours.

This is a serious medical condition that can be painful and lead to long-lasting damage to the penis. If you have an erection that is painful or lasting longer than 4 hours, you should seek immediate medical attention.

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Sometimes, men have trouble getting an erection while partaking in sexual activities. This can cause embarrassment, frustration, and anger for all parties involved. Viagra is a medication that men use to help treat erectile dysfunction (ED).

Viagra was approved for use in Australia in 1998, nine months after it was approved in the United States. Sildenafil binds to an enzyme in the body called phosphodiesterase, which prevents it from changing cyclic guanosine monophosphate to guanosine triphosphate.

This build-up helps to relax the walls of the arteries in the penis, allowing for more blood flow. In simpler terms, this medication relaxes blood vessels in the penis, which then allow for better blood flow to cause and keep an erection, which is needed for proper sexual intercourse and reproduction purposes. This medication should be taken one hour prior to sexual intercourse.

Viagra does not cause an erection by itself without needing anything else

A male will still need sexual stimulation to have an erection, but Viagra helps make this possible. After all, the brain is the most powerful sex organ. Viagra is not a cure, it is simply an enhancer for one’s sexual desires or needs. In some cases, Viagra is also used to treat high blood pressure that is specific to the heart and arteries that are connected to the lungs.

As with most medications, Viagra does come with side effects

These side effects can include, but are not limited to, muscle pain and weakness, headache, nausea, dizziness, and flushed skin. In rare cases, Viagra can cause an extremely painful erection, or will produce one that will not go away. A prolonged erection can be extremely dangerous, and if one lasts for more than four hours, emergency medical attention at a hospital is needed. It is important to consult your doctor before starting Viagra to make sure that your body can handle it; Viagra is not for everyone, especially men with current or previous health issues, such as strokes or heart disease. More than one tablet should not be taken within a 24-hour period.

Getting Viagra can be difficult if not done so the right way.

It can be bought through online auction websites and pharmacies, but there are many risks of getting generic tablets when not getting this medication properly. These generic pills can be harmful, either containing too much Viagra or none at all.

The Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme supports this drug, and it costs the government from about to per packet. Buying Viagra online is more expensive than getting it in person.

There are many websites claiming that they sell Viagra, but it is hard to tell which ones are genuine.

Get prescription from your physician in Australia!

The best way to obtain Viagra is by getting a script from your doctor in Melbourne or Sydney and going to the pharmacy in person; this will ensure that the medication is not generic and you are getting what you are paying for. There is nothing to be ashamed about. When things get hard (pun intended), it’s okay to ask for some help without having to feel ashamed.