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Did you take Viagra before?

Viagra south africa

If you live in South Africa and deal with erectile dysfunction, then you’ve no doubt heard about Viagra. For the last 15 years straight, Viagra has been the number one recommended medication for treating erectile dysfunction. The popular medication has been responsible for the recovery of millions of men around the world. Unfortunately, a little under eight million men are affected by erectile problems every year. Viagra would be able to help 85% of those cases from the first dose but there are other benefits of Viagra you might not know about. Today we are going to cover those additional benefits.

If you’ve never taken Viagra before, chances are you don’t know how to treats erectile dysfunction.


Over 90% of erectile dysfunction cases are caused by poor blood circulation. Poor habits like smoking, drinking, lack of proper diet and exercise contribute to the development of erectile dysfunction in men aged 18 to 65. Viagra improves blood circulation by relaxing restricted blood vessels in the body. When these vessels are relaxed, it allows blood to flow freely. Which results in being able to naturally form erections with proper stimulation. Now that you know how Viagra works, let’s go over the added benefits.

It turns out that Viagra has the ability to increase muscle size and reduce muscle fatigue.


This means during strenuous exercise or “other” activities you’ll be able to last considerably longer than normal. About 20mg of Viagra actually equates to a testosterone shot. Which is fairly impressive if you think about it. We all know that steroids make muscles grow dramatically but there are serious medical drawbacks. Testosterone is a natural steroid that has no drawback at all. Meaning if you work out regularly, you will more than likely reach your fitness goals in less time than you would be able to achieve normally.

One thing to really keep in mind is that like all medications, Viagra has its fair share side effects as well.

Lucky for us they are pretty mild overall. In fact, the most common side effects are just a runny nose, headache, and stomach ache. The side effects can easily be remedied by having a bite to eat before taking the pill. However, the more food in your stomach the longer it takes for the medication to take effect. It is a bit of a catch 22, but I think the safest bet is simply to have a small snack before you take the medication.

Viagra is a prescription medication, so that means you will need to visit your doctor for consultation.


Don’t freak out, doctor consultation is a painless 10-minute conversation about how well your blood circulation is. In fact, the chances of your doctor mentioning anything that would make you feel ashamed is slim at best. Chances are that your doctor will prescribe Viagra automatically, but in the event, he or she doesn’t. Request it. Viagra is one of the best starting medications anyone with erectile problems can use. So don’t wait. Talk to your doctor about Viagra today and start enjoying the benefits tomorrow. You’ll be 100% satisfied with it.