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Male sexual problem: Recommendations to deal with the problem

Sexual Problems Male

Male sexual problem is now a general masculine menace that needs to be faced head-on by the entire medical practitioners because when a man is not in the mood to feel sensual with his woman, the marriage or relationship is on the verge of having problems. Real men are said to be in the mood all the time. Without citing any research article, a first hand experience is enough for me to say virtually one out of every 5 men age 40 and above are using sex enhancing drugs like Viagra and some sidenafil citrate-containing-drug to boost their poor libido simply to compliment their inactiveness.
An excerpt of an article from WebMD says sexual response cycle has four phases: excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution. In layman’s explanation, when a man has or lacks the zeal (excitement) to feel sensual or get in the act, this is the first phase; plateau in sexual practice is having “stability”, by keeping the initial excitement that triggered the urge to feel sensual at a steady pace; orgasm seems to be fully understood by everyone – this is the climax at which ejaculation comes; resolution is the aftermath of either a sweet sexual experience or a poor one.
Now let us talk briefly about the causes of male sexual problem. My doctor friend said both physiological and psychological issues cause low libido in men. Low testosterone, prescription medicine, low or too much of exercise, alcohol and drug use are some of the physical issues while Psychological issues are depression, anxiety and problems in relationship. A friend of mine is not attracted to his wife and he complains of low erection often until he tries extra marital affairs and he was like a super man going for several rounds without his Viagra pills. This establishes one of the psychological causes of Male sexual problem. From all indications, medical experts say all male sexual problems are treatable.
In the ultimate search for solution, most men with sexual problems seek a temporary approach to having their deserved sexual vigor, and this is generating a huge revenue to the pharmaceutical industry. In fact, if Penile dysfunction could be caused by biochemical attack, we could say PD evoked from such attack. Especially from the group of business men that would make fortune from such deficiency. It’s now everywhere, erectile weakness is no more a thing of shame as able bodied men do meet one another at the pharmacy where they all request for Cialis. They say it makes men last for up to 18 hours, a duration the almighty Viagra has never reached. Cialis causes hardness of the penis by increasing blood flow to it , thereby making a man sexually stimulated and active.Although Cialis is approved by US Food and Drugs administration, yet it has side effects. People with heart problem or low blood pressure are to seek medical expertise before ingesting Cialis.
The most effective and medically advisable method of tackling any form of male sexual problems is discussing with one’s partner and seek healthcare from professional medical practitioners.