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What Is Erectile Dysfunction, Does it Affect Australian Men

Let’s talk with the experts: five doctors answer your questions about erectile dysfunction, its causes, and the best treatments

Erectile dysfunction is an element that occurs only in men. The reason for this is that erectile dysfunction refers to a man’s inability to get an erection. The penis is a sexual organ of the male or women do not experience this particular problem. It is actually relatively common sense as men grow older it is more likely to occur. You will know if you have erectile dysfunction because your penis will no longer get an erection. This can be a concerning issue and one worth researching and bringing up with your doctor.

There are solutions to erectile dysfunction and it may be as simple as taking a pill that only cost a few dollars. Erectile dysfunction medications are available in South Africa everywhere.

How are men affected

Around half of all people in Australia are men making erectile dysfunction a prominent issue. Despite the number of men who may be suffering from erectile dysfunction being so high, it is a relatively little talked about issue. The reason for this is the social stigma attached to erectile dysfunction which makes it embarrassing to discuss.

For example, if you get into an argument with your partner it is possible she or he could mock you for your for sexual performance. This is the kind of thing that every man worries about.  Most relationships we’ll deal with some kind of sexually-oriented dilemma at some point. It is not uncommon for men over 50 to begin experiencing erectile dysfunction. But what exactly is erectile dysfunction?

Understanding erectile dysfunction

To understand what erectile dysfunction is you must first understand how the male sexual organ works. The penis becomes erect during times when it is sexually stimulated. This happens by a chemical Exchange in the body where an enzyme is released into the bloodstream. Best prompts blood vessels carrying blood to the penis to expand increasing blood flow. Simultaneously, blood vessels carrying blood away from your penis will begin to constrict and get smaller. This uneven pressure will cause blood to build up in the penis.

The blood is stored within two storage units called Corpus cavernosum. Please to storage tanks act as reservoirs for the blood and when they are filled the penis is erect and ready for sexual intercourse. When this system breaks down, it can be the result of a hormonal imbalance or a mental issue.


Sometimes an injury or illness may trigger erectile dysfunction to occur. Certain medications can also cause erectile dysfunction although it is relatively temporary. For example, if taking an opioid such as a pain reliever for wisdom teeth or other major surgery you can experience erectile dysfunction while the drug is in your system.

Around 1 million men are affected by erectile dysfunction and South  Africa alone. This is a relatively high number considering there are 24.6 million people in Africa in 2017.  So roughly one out of every 12 men in Australia suffer from erectile dysfunction. The best strategy to deal with erectile dysfunction is to first get your house in order. Stress and lack of sleep can contribute to the circumstances that cause erectile dysfunction to arise.

Diet and sleeping habits

When you bring it up with your doctor he is likely to ask you about your diet and sleeping habits as well. If you can isolate the problem it is easier to treat but sometimes erectile dysfunction is unavoidable. When this is the case and erectile dysfunction medication may be prescribed such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, or Kamagra oral jelly. All of these are viable solutions but may have variances that work better for some men than others. If you think you may be beginning to experience erectile dysfunction you should immediately contact your doctor. Begin the process of eliminating potential causes and traded as soon as possible. There is no point in prolonging the inevitable and suffering when there is no need to. Your sex life and still be healthy even with erectile dysfunction and modern medicine can restore an erection in almost any patient.

Be open with your partner

While this can be an embarrassing topic you should probably bring it up with your partner as well. They should be informed of all of your medical issues and this way they will not get the wrong impression when you fail to perform.

Erectile Dysfunction And Solutions

A Common Experience With Erectile Dysfunction

Ahh, erectile dysfunction, how I loathe thee. The willy won’t work with the woman wants it left me saddened and alone in the world. This Australian problem is not ours alone, men all over the world suffer from the occasional limp Longmire. Don’t fret, they have doctors and pills just for such a depressing condition if you can only bring yourself to make an appointment with the local penis doctor. But before you do, make sure you have a lot of money saved up for those tiny purple pills, or you will wind up with blue balls for certain after a little rise in the curtain doesn’t finish the job on the first go around.

A common ailment

Helmet or no helmet on the little fella doesn’t seem to matter, though age appears to play a part. It only makes sense, as you get older your blood pressure drops, leaving nothing left to fill old woody with, well, wood! As a lad, your veins were bursting at the seams, but not trickle of fluids left just won’t do the trick. It’s a common ailment, no doubt. Tell the missus not to worry, we can figure this out. If you are too embarrassed to see a doctor just yet, perhaps a cock ring or other restrictive toy from the local shop could help! Head on down (no pun intended) to the local lingerie and adult toy store to see what you can find, you make be surprised that a visit alone can cure your ails! The lady at the local shop likely knows the ins and outs of all of the merchandise and can assist in finding you something just right. A ball band, some nipple cream, perhaps a tingly stimulant for the wonder worm himself! Peppermint soap? A little something for the back door if you know what I mean? Something physical may do the trick, but if not, do not despair as there are many alternatives here.

A mental game

Next would be the mind. Maybe the lady at home isn’t quite what she used to be. Have you tried turning out the lights? Sheets over her head? Maybe flip her around so all you see is her backside instead? Are girls what you are into, are you sure? Nothing wrong with testing out other waters! So, if it’s not physical and it’s not mental, I suppose it must be biological. To the doctor, we go! A penis specialist to be exact, to see what can be done about flaccid little jack.

Seek out a physician

Doctors can prescribe Viagra pills, therapy, even stents and prosthetic and such. They will ask a lot of questions and test out your heart, tell you about the side effects from a list longer than your arm. They will make it all sound horrible, but hopeful, and you may be willing to fork over half a grand for a chance at porking the old miss once again. Be careful, be sure she is ready, you don’t want to pop one of those pills and then find yourself with a raging boner and nowhere to put it! Many a man has been found with his willy hidden in something it should not be due to this very predicament! You don’t want the thing that your shagging going ‘baaa’ or ‘oink’. Oh no! So have a plan before you give it a go.

Heart conditions

As mentioned before, be sure that the heart is in tip-top shape before enraging the bull. Too much pressure can blow a valve, and explaining to the paramedics why the dead man on the ladies’ floor is a deplorable thing to leave her to do. Be sure you are ready for the rodeo before strapping on the spurs and make sure she is too! Lots of lube my friend and a cocktail or two, but not too much, of that, could be a reason for the limp season as well. After all of this work, you don’t want to lose out without the fireworks blasting off!

Call a doctor if an erection lasts more than 4 hours

And last but not least if you are an erection for more than 4 hours, call all your friends to brag before consulting your doctor. They may not believe you and insist on seeing the king James himself in all his glory as proof.