Viagra in South Africa

Which Erectile Dysfunction Drug Is Best?

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction and feel that you should seek medical help, ask your doctor about Viagra.

Viagra can treat impotence in men and increase your exercise capacity, perhaps restoring some of your youthful vigor.

Viagra is a vasodilator that can help treat men that suffer from erectile dysfunction. Viagra works by increasing blood flow to the penis to increase erectile response in reaction to stimulation. While marketed for increasing blood flow to the penis it is worth noting Viagra can have a positive impact on more than just erectile dysfunction, it can also have a positive impact on your heart or cardiovascular health as it relaxes muscles found in the walls of blood vessels and increases blood flow to multiple areas of the body, not just the penis. If you are interested in Viagra, you will have to get a prescription as you cannot purchase this medication over the counter. However, if you are looking for a drug that you can take multiple times a week you may need to look at other medications as Viagra is only recommended to be used twice a week, and certainly not more than once a day. Viagra can cause heart attack symptoms, vision changes, and a painful erection that lasts longer than four hours. If you suffer from any one of those symptoms it is recommended that you stop taking Viagra immediately and report to the nearest emergency room for medical attention. Other side effects that you should call a healthcare professional about are any hearing changes, irregular heartbeat, swelling in the extremities, shortness of breath, seizures, and light headedness. Common side effects that you should not be worried about when consuming Viagra are flushing of the skin, headaches, abnormal vision, runny or bloody nose, problems sleeping, muscle pain specifically in the lower back, or upset stomach. These symptoms are common and do not warrant the need of a healthcare professional. Headaches are the most common symptom occurring in about one out of ten men that take Viagra.

Viagra in South Africa

Viagra in South Africa

Viagra can typically be found in South Africa through online pharmacies or normal brick and mortar stores. Its price can range anywhere from around 40 dollars USD for ten pills to almost 440 dollars USD for three hundred and sixty pills. These prices are for the one hundred milligram dosage which has the highest response of all dosages that can be had though the initial dose given is 25 milligrams once a day prior to sexual activity. Delivery of the medication can be through that of a pharmacist or through the mail as websites like SuperDrug or OnlineDoctor can ship the medication to your door. The cost of the lower dosage pills will also be lower than that of the one hundred milligram pills. Like any other medication be sure to let your healthcare professional any other medications you may be taking or any health conditions you may have before trying Viagra. If you intend to have sexual intercourse more than twice a week ask your doctor if Viagra is right for you, and if you should investigate another medication as Viagra is recommended for those intending to have sex twice a week or less.

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